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Application Development
Our application development services include the following:

■Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation
Whether you are considering SAP ERP or other commercially recognized ERP solutions, we can provide ERP implementation support for your small to mid-size corporation. ERP implementations are comprised of standard steps that we have experience in handling and managing:
Requirements gathering
Business process modeling
Fit and gap analysis
Prototype implementations
Add-on development
Data conversion
Go-live implementation
■Supply Chain Management (SCM) Systems Implementation
We can implement an SCM system to help your company minimize costs and effectively manage the supply chain from ordering, planning, demand forecasting, procurement and manufacturing to sales.The core of any supply chain management system are the Supply Chain Planning (SCP) and Supply Chain Executing (SCE) modules. As well, the SCM must handle Electronic Data Interfacing (EDI) with vendors and suppliers and connect to the corporate-wide ERP system in use.
■Customer Relations Management (CRM) Systems Implementation
With such technologies as computer telephony integrated call centers, web and email based communication with customers can be streamlined and you can respond in a more effective and timely manner to customer needs.? SCSK USA Inc. can help you with your CRM operations.
■Data Warehouse/ Business Intelligence Implementation
We can plan and develop data warehousing for strategic business analysis once the ERP, SCM or CRM system is implemented. As well, we can install business intelligence systems for accounting, sales and customer relations. The utilization of a Business Intelligence (BI) tool enables the free sharing of customer information and enhances your organization's ability to respond to detailed customer needs and thereby increase customer retention.

■Custom Application Planning & Development
We can support your custom application design and development needs,

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