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Nowadays, the IT function is under pressure to raise the return on IT investment.? At the same time, IT is under pressure to lower its total cost to the organization while responding to multiple demands and expectations.? Despite these pressures, few companies successfully link IT effectiveness to overall corporate profit.

We pride ourselves on being a professional IT organization with rich experience and successes. We are committed to engaging in long-term IT strategic partnerships whereby we effectively work with our customers to analyze problems and provide for appropriate solutions.
■Strategic IT Planning/Design Services
We work directly with CIO’s, executive managers and IT department staff to provide mid and long-term strategic IT planning/design services in order to effectively maximize the return on investment in IT resources.
■ERP Package Selection Services
Selecting an ERP package that adequately serves the business requirements is the first step of a successful ERP implementation project. From high-end to mid-class ERP solutions, we have extensive experience in ERP implementation and have developed a methodology for assisting you in the ERP selection process.
■IT Cost Assessment
We can provide assessment services to analyze your IT environment from a variety of perspectives. By evaluating such inputs as the total system cost, technologies in use, and maintenance methods, we can determine if the IT components are appropriately aligned or not. This assessment is based upon the industry-standard COBIT and CIMMI methodologies. From assessment analysis to next step action items, we endeavor to identify cost inefficiencies and minimize the total cost of ownership for IT management.
■IT Security Assessment
For all of the benefits that the information age has brought into our workplaces, corporations must remain vigilant in ensuring that there is proper security to protect the corporate networks from external threats and to safeguard corporate information. Through our IT security assessment services, we can identify potential weaknesses in your corporate network and propose proactive solutions to increase your security levels.
■Corporate Governance Consultation Services
We provide consultation services for compliance with Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) as well as J-SOX regulation. This consultation includes internal compliance assessment services, internal compliance evaluation and improvement support services, support with putting compliance standards in writing, internal compliance risk and control simplification, internal compliance testing and internal compliance improvement support. We provide support in all of the phases of development, maintenance procedures and security as a systems integrator.
■Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning Consultation Services
Terrorism, natural disasters, power outages, etc. These are all events that could negatively impact company operations. Are you prepared? We can assist you by conducting a business impact risk analysis, and developing a plan for continuity and recovery of your IT systems when unforeseen events happen.
■Office IT Consultation (IT environment planning)
A formidable part of any office move is planning and configuring the office network of servers, printers, copy machines, phone systems, TV conference equipment and more. We can provide you the support you need in planning, executing and maintaining your office network so you can get back to business immediately after any office move.
■IT Policies and Procedures Development Services
For every company that uses computers, email, the internet, and software on a daily basis, having well written and updated IT policies and procedures in place is very important. At SCSK USA Inc., we provide consultation services in developing or updating IT policies and procedures that are practical, customized, and fulfill the most common IT compliance standards, including ISO (International Standards Organization), and COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology) guidelines.
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