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IT Infrastracture Services
Any information system relies on a secure and efficient network. From the planning and design stages to the implementation and maintenance of the network environment, SCSK USA Inc. can provide comprehensive support in order to maximize the performance of your network environment.

■Network Environment Planning & Development (LAN/ WAN)
We have experience in design and implementation of Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN) and Wireless LAN networks for multiple locations.
■Internet/ VPN Environment Planning and Development
SCSK USA Inc. is skilled in the design and implementation of internet connectivity such as T1 lines, MPLS and Virtual Private Networks (VPN).
■Website/ Intranet Planning and Development
Such as company websites, corporate portal sites, or electronic commerce sites, accessed daily by customers, vendors and internal users. SCSK USA Inc. is your source for such planning and development.
■Email/ Cloud Solution Implementation
SCSK USA Inc. can provide full support for Microsoft Exchange, and Cloud Solutions' implementation.
■Security Enhancement Services
Any network has potential risks with viruses, information leakages, unauthorized access from hackers, etc. Vigilance against such threats is top priority for company. SCSK USA Inc. can provide anti-virus, and anti-spam solutions as well as patch management and other security measures.
■Server/ Storage
Such as database servers, and file servers are the core for information systems. Whether you require a blade server, SAN, or NAS, we can set up and install to your environment.
■Teleconference Systems
As the cost effective communication method, teleconference systems are getting popular. SCSK USA Inc. provide best products and setup services.
■Hardware, Software and Peripheral Procurement
SCSK USA Inc. is an authorized reseller of various manufacturers. We can provide at competitive prices equipment such as network equipments (routers, hubs, etc), servers, ersonal computers, printers, and software for your IT needs.
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